Holiday Cheer

Happy holidays yall! As you know the weather has been frightful – and unfortunately this killer cold is too. I could use some holiday cheer so want to share some holiday staples from my home this year.

First, because this is predominantly a fashion blog I want to share my New Year’s dress from NastyGal:

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 7.57.27 PM

I LOVE this dress and more importantly, I love the sequins. Unfortunately it’s sold out but you can add it to your wantlist. Also, you can’t wear a dress like this without Hollywood fashion tape. 

Holiday Cards from Rifle Paper Co. If you don’t have a good set of thank you cards I highly recommend this site. It has the most adorable stationary, and I will be racking up big time after using my current orders.

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 8.03.41 PM

My holiday cards, and . . .

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 8.05.49 PM

My thank you cards.

Nick and I also decorated a Christmas tree. He normally surprises me with flowers but this time I came home to a surprise tree, and I couldn’t have been happier!


Hope everyone is staying warm, and enjoying holiday shopping, food and family!


Floral shirt + Leather Jacket + Shark tooth necklace


Leather jacket [gift] *  Shark tooth necklace [Tala Stone, $50] * Floral shirt [J Crew Factory, old on sale] * Jeans [Limited, BOGO sale] * Booties [Sundance, gift]

Gooood morning! Today is a chilly day in Austin with most of the schools and universities closed. I have family flying in today who were hoping for some warm Texas weather. Unfortunately that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I love this outfit because it’s simple but still a bit surprising. I wouldn’t think to pair a shark tooth necklace with a floral shirt, but I really liked the gold and couldn’t resist. The leather jacket really brought the shark tooth and floral together. Also, I love love love these booties. You can’t really tell with my not so fabulous iPhone photos but the shoes have zippers along the front.

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and not too cold weekend! xoxo

Book & Brunch Club

Hello Readers & Eaters!

As you know I’m new to Austin, and would love to start a book & brunch club! This is a book club for readers who also love a good mimosa.

I’d love to go ahead and get this started to plan a meeting for after the holidays. If any Austin based readers are interested, please feel free to leave your email in the comments below or pass this post along to any interested parties.

I’m thinking we could all suggest a book to read and a brunch location with the intent to meet every other month. With the craziness of the holidays I’d like to plan a meeting for the end of January giving everyone a couple months to read & make room in their schedules.

I’ll throw out a couple book ideas:
Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
Orange is the new Black by Piper Kerman

And a brunch place:

Can’t wait to get this started!

Comfy Thanksgiving Travel Wear

Happy Thanksgiving turkeys!
I just got off a plane after traveling and man, I was lucky. No delays, no frustrated passengers and really smooth sailing. Knock on wood I’ll have the same luck on my return flight.
This outfit is so comfy! For flights I prefer function over form, but I think this does both. I love the pop of pink to brighten the outfit up, and leggings are always an easy wardrobe staple when you’re packing light.

Leggings [K Bell’s, Amazon]– Sweater [Loft]– Boots [Born, gift]


Channeling FLOTUS

I’m slightly obsessed with House of Cards, particularly Claire Underwood. She’s so beautiful, stylish and classy. All of her dresses are presidential and White House ready. I picked up this simple but classy dress from The Limited. I really LOVE it. I wanted to wear it with black heels but the weather has been so cold, wet and dreary, I wore it with boots (hence the inside photo). I think it works for both cool and warm weather. Happy Monday yall!



Dress [The Limited, BOGO Sale] — Belt [old, Urban Outfitters] — White Cardigan [old, Forever 21] — Boots [gift]

Yellow mellow


Cardigan [Sundance, old] — Shirt [Forever 21, Old] — Jeans [The Limited, BOGO Sale] — Booties [Sundance, gift] — Necklace [Little Pieces of Hope, $34]

Who doesn’t love a big, chunky necklace? I picked this up yesterday at an Italian boutique in town called Cotone. This necklace is made by a local artist and the proceeds go toward building water wells in India. So you get something pretty for a good cause! The designer is called Little Pieces of Hope. Check out her Etsy shop!

Again, the photo quality isn’t great. The time change makes it dark so early!

Until next time and hopefully with better photo quality! xoxo


Disco Romper

Helloooo blog! Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly – the time change is really interfering with when I take photos. It gets dark so early now.

I really wanted to take a blog photo for this fun romper but it got dark too soon so social photos will have to do. I picked this up at a BOGO sale at Langford Market, a cute boutique here in town. It’s so fun, bright and easy! Your whole outfit is put together when you throw one on. I wore it to a silent disco last night as part of F1 Fest here in Austin.

Also- isn’t my friend’s sparkly top adorable!


20131117-115804.jpgRomper [Langford Market] — Necklace [Ebay] — Ring [old, Urban Outfitters]